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Hospitality Services 

We have recently expanded our business to provide hospitality management services!

Who We Serve - 

  • Business and Corporate 
  • Schools and Universities 
  • Senior Living Facilities 
  • Conference Center Management

What We Do -

  • On-Site Food and Beverage Services-
    • Complete on-site café services, chefs, cashiers, etc.
    • Office coffee systems and services
    • Food services brought directly to our customers
    • Customer participation and satisfaction
    • Create an environment that builds community engagement and makes dining fun
    • Purchase locally grown quality products as much as possible
    • Seasonal Promotions
  • Culinary-
    • Customized meal offerings
    • Segment-specific menu creations
    • Made from scratch means using fresh, seasonal, and authentic ingredients
    • Locally purchased products
    • Chefs that cook for the love of food
    • Culinary Innovations
  • Nutritional Services and Education-
    • Prepare healthy meals using fresh ingredients
    • Menus created with a dietician’s expertise
    • Wellness tools to help benefit overall health
    • Information and activities for living well
    • Total awareness of the major allergens
  • Conference Center Services, Event Management, and Catering-
    • Catering teams manage special events through menu development, ambiance, and outstanding service
    • On-Site services managing of food and rooms (from set-up to breakdown and clean up), including audio visual needs
    • On and Off-Site full-service catering at any location