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Hors D'oeurves - Elite Catering - menus_partycombinations

Roasted Seasonal Vegetable Platter

$3.95 per guest
Vegetables such as eggplant, fresh fennel, zucchini, yellow squash and peppers marinated, roasted, chilled and beautifully displayed

Collection of Garden Vegetables

$2.50 per guest
Fresh seasonal vegetables presented with dip

Imported Cheeses

$3.95 per guest
Four varieties of cheese presented with crackers and focaccia bread

Fresh Fruit

$Market Price
A seasonally appropriate display of fresh fruit such as pineapple, melons and berries


$3.95 per guest
Wrapped with smoked salmon or prosciutto ham


$2.50 per guest
Fresh tomato and basil on baguette

Seared Ahi Tuna

$4.50 per guest
Sesame crackers with Wasabi cream

Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Corn Tortillas

$3.00 per guest

Beef Croustini

$2.75 per guest

Thinly sliced beef with a horseradish creme

Mini BLT Croustini

$2.75 per guest
Bacon, lettuce and tomato with ranch dressing

Deviled Eggs

$3.00 per guest
Just like Grandma used to make

Variety of Sushi Rolls

$Market Price
With soy sauce and Wasabi 

Celery Sticks with Herbed Bourisin Cheese

$2.25 per guest

Bake Brie in Fillo with Chutney (serves 15)

$60.00 each

California Pizza Basil and Pesto

$3.50 per guest

Roma Tomatoes

$3.50 per guest
With fresh mozzarella, chives and olive oil

Focaccia Bread

$2.25 per guest
Italian flat bread with roasted vegetables

Assorted Canapés

$4.25 per guest
Smoked salmon on cucumber, salami horns with herbed boursin, wild mushroom croustini

Hummus with Pita Triangles

$2.25 per guest

Chicken Caesar Fillo Cups

$3.00 per guest

Smoked Salmon with Gourmet Crackers

$75.00 per slab

Chicken Straws

$4.25 per guest
Marinated in lemon tarragon mayonnaise and rolled in crushed nuts

Mini Focaccia Sandwich

$3.50 per guest

Turkey Roll-ups

$3.25 per guest
With sliced tomato, seasoned mayonnaise in a flour tortilla

Corn Tortillas Chips with Fresh Salsa

$2.00 per guest

The Carvery

Choice of one of the following as mini sandwiches, carved to order, presented on house-made rolls with condiments: Smoked Turkey, Hoisin Basted Beef Brisket, Cured Ham
  • $6.00 per guest
  • Additional Meat: $3.00 per guest
  • Roast Tenderloin $7.50 per guest
  • Carving Fee Required

Eggplant Roulades

$3.50 per guest
With goat cheese and proscuitto

Silver Dollar Stuffed Mushroom

$3.25 per guest
With spinach and cheese

Wild Mushroom Strudel

$4.25 per guest

Vegetable Quesillidias

$3.50 per guest
With crab and fresh cilantro (chef fee required)

Spanakopita Wrapped

$4.00 per guest
With spinach and feta cheese

Vegetarian Strudel

$4.25 per guest

Baby New Potatoes

$2.75 per guest
Stuffed with cheese, prosciutto ham and leeks

Miniature Quiche

$3.00 per guest

Warm Wild Mushroom Dipping Croustini

$3.50 per guest
Wild mushrooms, stewed with cream and savory herbs with a thin toasted baguette

Wing Dings

$2.75 per guest
Marinated and roasted

Barbecued Spare Ribs (3 slab minimum)

$18.00 per slab
Dry rub seasoning and slow roasted

Swedish Meatballs

$3.75 per guest
With a sour cream sauce

Albondigas Mexican Meatballs

$3.75 per guest

Chinese Pork Dumplings

$3.75 per guest
With plum or hot mustard sauce

Southwestern Chicken Eggrolls

$3.75 per guest

Italian Sausage with Roasted Peppers and Onions

$3.25 per guest

Beef OR Chicken Satay

$3.75 per guest
Marinated, skewered and grilled (chef fee required)

Crab Cakes with Remonlade Sauce

$4.50 per guest

Shrimp and Polenta

$Market Price

Large Shrimp

$Market Price
With julienne vegetables and grilled polenta (chef fee required)

Grilled Salmon Steaks

$Market Price
(chef fee required)

Potato Crusted Scallops

$Market Price
Cooked to order (chef fee required)

Jumbo Coconut Shrimp (minimum 25 pieces)

$1.75 each

Lump Crab In a Dijon Mustard Cream Sauce

$3.95 per guest

Lamb Chops

$Market Price
Individual marinated chops (chef fee required)

Grilled Shrimp and Grits

$Market Price
With garlic veggies (chef fee required)

Grilled Corn Cakes

$3.50 per guest
With smoked salmon, capers and roasted red peppers

Angus Sliders

$Market Price
Mini bun, gorgonzola and horseradish

Bow Tie Pasta

$3.95 per guest
With smoked salmon and capers in a garlic cream sauce

Mini Beef Wellingtons

$4.95 per guest
Beef tenderloin in pastry

Potato Latkes

$2.95 per guest
with chives (chef fee required)

Steak Bits

$Market Price
Cajun spiced grilled atop garlic bread (chef fee required)

Mini Tawook Chicken Kabobs

$4.50 per guest
(chef fee required)



$3.50 per guest
with roasted garlic and vegetables

Grandma’s Red Skin Potato Salad

$2.00 per guest

Asian Vegetable Salad

$2.75 per guest
With ginger vinaigrette presented with bok choy, carrots, water chestnuts and bean sprouts

Broccoli Slaw

$2.75 per guest
Shredded broccoli with carrots and parsnips in a sweet and sour vinaigrette

Cabbage Slaw

$2.75 per guest
With honey lemon dressing

Italian Pasta Salad

$2.75 per guest
Tri-colored pasta with vinaigrette

Carrot and Pecan Nut Coleslaw

$3.25 per guest
Cabbage and celery with poppy seed dressing

Steamed Cous Cous

$2.95 per guest
With leeks, tomato, carrot and celery in a minted vinaigrette

Bow Tie Pasta

$3.25 per guest
With bleu cheese, pine nuts and zucchini

Tossed Romaine

$2.50 per guest
With cucumber, tomato and red onion, choice of dressing

Grain mustard Coleslaw

$2.75 per guest


$2.75 per guest
With tomato, cucumber and red onion and Syrian toast in a Mediterranean dressing

White Bean Salad

$2.75 per guest
With carrot, olive and red onion in a vinaigrette dressing

Potato and Roasted Barley

$3.25 per guest
With prosciutto ham and mushroom in a chive mayonnaise

Waldorf Salad

$3.50 per guest
Apple, walnut, raisin, celery and mayonnaise

Korean Bean Sprout

$3.50 per guest
Red pepper, sugar snap peas, roasted sesame seed

Orzo Salad

$3.50 per guest
Feta and spinach with Greek dressing

Lentil Salad

$2.75 per guest
Roasted vegetables with cider vinaigrette

Caesar Salad

$2.95 per guest
Parmesan cheese and croutons

BLT Salad

$2.75 per guest
Romaine, bacon bits, tomato, parsley with ranch dressing

Finger Sandwiches

Crust trimmed and cut into quarters

  • Thin sliced tomato with goat cheese
  • Smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese
  • Olive with parsley
  • Watercress with dill cream
  • Cranberry with Dijon mustard
  • Curried egg salad
  • Celery nut cream cheese
  • Cucumber and Dill

Party Combinations

Package #1 - $13.95

 Fresh Crudité Tray fresh vegetables with dip

Deviled Eggs just like grandma used to make

Turkey Roll-ups with sliced tomato and seasoned mayonnaise in flour tortilla

Corn Tortilla Chips with fresh house made salsa

Swedish Meatballs with a sour cream sauce

Brownie, House Baked Cookies, Rice Krispie Treats Tray


Package #2 - $14.95

Choose 5

Imported Cheeses four varieties of cheese presented with crackers and focaccia bread

Fresh Fruit seasonally appropriate display of fresh fruit such as pineapple, melon, and berries

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes with leeks and feta cheese

Hummus with Pita Triangles

Mini Focaccia and Wrap Sandwiches ham, turkey and vegetable

Silver Dollar Stuffed Mushrooms with Spinach and Cheese

Baby New Potatoes stuffed with cheese, prosciutto, and leeks

Miniature Quiche

Wing Dings marinated and roasted

Chipotle Meatballs        

Chinese Pork Dumplings With plum or hot mustard sauce                 

Italian Sausage with roasted peppers and onions

Cookies and Brownies


Package #3 - $18.95

Choose 5

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Imported Cheeses   Four varieties of cheese presented with crackers and focaccia bread
Fresh Fruit seasonally appropriate display of fresh fruit such as pineapple, melons, and berries

Baked Brie in Filo with Chutney

Smoked Salmon with gourmet crackers

Wing Dings marinated and roasted

Barbecued Spare Ribs dry rub seasoning and slow roasted                    

Chicken Satay Marinated skewered and grilled                

Mini Beef Wellingtons  Beef tenderloin in a puff pastry

Open House Party

$16.95 per guest- 2 Hours of Hors D'oeurves

Choose five hot & five cold

Five Hot

  1. Swedish meatballs with sour cream sauce
  2. Stuffed mushrooms
  3. Chicken drumsticks with hot sauce
  4. Assorted petite quiches
  5. Vegetarian spring rolls with dipping sauce
  6. Warm spinach artichoke dip with crisp tortillas
  7. Chef’s hors d’oeuvre of the day

Five Cold

  1. Fresh crudités with dipping sauce
  2. Deviled eggs with smoked salmon
  3. International cheese and crackers
  4. Fresh fruit platter
  5. Smoked Turkey Roll-ups
  6. Bruschetta
  7. Chef’s hors d’oeuvre of the day
Prices are based on a 100 guest minimum
<span font-size:"="">Additional fees are based on type of service